2013 Eco-Home Expo (Shanghai)

01/05/2013 17:51

The consumption patterns of fast, efficient, money-saving has become more and more household consumer demand, the development of the domestic industry to meet consumer demand for direction, to meet consumer demand at home first of all to a deeper understanding of consumers, only face-to-face exchanges that can get the first-hand information. 2013 Green Home Expo (August 9-11, 2013, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center) - is a two-way docking perfect platform for consumers and exhibitors, a "whole home • one-stop shopping" for the idea of the whole-hearted services.

According to a market survey, in urban households, the overall home ownership rate of 6.8%, a figure far below the average of 72% of the developed countries in Europe. In the next five years, China will have 29 million sets of the overall home market capacity, an average of 5.8 million units per year. I believed that China's overall home market "blowout" phenomenon will appear in the next 3-5 years, such a huge market capacity also makes the overall home in droves. It is reported that the Green Home Expo 2013 Shanghai "whole home, one-stop shopping" will become a major part of the exhibition.

The so-called whole home is the one-stop home services collectively. Compared to Westerners from time to time to make some changes on home, the Chinese people more recognition seeks to step concept of decoration, save time, worry, effort, money is the most important and basic requirement for them. Buy a house and decoration involves all aspects of home inspection, initial installation, decoration design, hardcover, select furniture, ornaments, etc., these things is too cumbersome for advocating simplicity and efficiency of urban office workers, in order to achieve fast, efficient and saving purposes, a lot of owners hope to have an effective platform can get home improvement purchases one-stop. In order to meet consumer demand for decoration owners, home improvement companies began to provide the overall design for the renovation of the owners, buy home building materials, decoration services such as select, consumers gradually formed a "whole home" concept. With the overall home services are more and more accepted by consumers, “how to truly achieve the overall home one-stop service”, which is the home industry need to solve the problem.

Scope of Exhibits: sanitary ware, tiles, floor tiles, shower room, shower faucets, bathroom hardware accessories, overall kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, sinks, water purification facilities, kitchen hardware, Kitchen Furniture, household appliances, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, doors and windows, stairs, ceiling, metal fittings, radiators, floor heating system, Metal Furniture, wallpaper, paint and coatings; solid wood furniture, panel furniture, the sofa soft bed, children's furniture, the whole wardrobe, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, home textile, home accessories, lighting, curtain cloth, etc.