Children’s furniture require careful maintenance

07/08/2013 10:16

 Children's furniture has different styles and different colors on the market, some advocate logs environmental protection, some claiming colored beneficial child, but Experts suggest that parents should first clarify the concept before purchase.

The environmental performance of children's furniture is the parents first consideration, some owners will think solid wood furniture are more environmentally friendly, but in fact, the consumer should be focus on the content of harmful substances based on appropriate furniture materials. National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director introduced, if not natural Wooden Furniture manufacturers, solid wood furniture panels are also used adhesives, formaldehyde emission problems also exist. In addition, solid wood furniture and Metal Furniture usually will be painted like the kitchen equipment manufacturers, you need to concern whether the excessive heavy metal content of the paint. Class veneer plywood furniture surface using a hot press paper or wood veneer or glued together, which is affixed to the surface of the color of the wood grain color on paper materials, although no heavy metals, but much of this furniture material as plywood, you need to pay attention to whether its formaldehyde emission standards.

Some salesmen said that furniture colors more brilliant, the more heavy metals contained in it, causing some parents abandon colorful children's furniture. An expert introduced the class if it is plywood veneer furniture, veneer furniture color is itself, there is no argument containing heavy metals, while for solid painting wood furniture, regardless of the brush is colorless or colored, as long as the paint, which will contain heavy metals, but it has nothing to do with the depth of color. The manufacturers should have the test report for the heavy metal in paints so that consumers can pay attention to check at time of purchase.

Experts said that due to the current children's furniture are in line with national standards, each brand will try to make their own standards higher, and a special children's furniture is designed for children of all ages, such as beds, tables equilateral corners have been processed, etc., with user-friendly design. And parents often gives the furniture more things would be better when buying furniture together around children, let the children choose their favorite furniture, respect the child's choice.

Environmental protection and safety is a key consideration. In order to avoid the child bump injuries, the best choice for handling relatively smooth corners of the furniture, or furniture corners to put collision angle. On the environment, the State has not established a separate children's furniture for the specific standards. However, if the content of harmful substances furniture standards generally has tested report, and in the instructions for use would indicate. Therefore, parents of children in the choice of furniture, it is best to buy brand products, and according to the characteristics of furniture, view the test reports and furniture businesses use to understand the performance of furniture. And later in the choice of furniture, it is best to be ventilated, and maintain good ventilation.