Children’s wear should pay more attention to accessories

24/06/2013 17:01

Apparel product quality problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

First is fade. Apparel products bleaching due to use improper dye and floating color is not clean in the dyeing process, mainly unqualified items are washing, rubbing, perspiration, light fastness.

Second is pilling. Since the factory cut corners like adding a large number Fluff, reducing the density knit, large area sweater pilling occur in a short term after sales.

Three is the poor strength. Typically consumer complaints the holes, cracks and other problems are very common, mainly due to (in addition to human external influence) is caused by improper handling of weaving and fabric brittle. Second, some light, thin, soft, floating products, enterprises blind pursuit of beautiful, easy to ignore the powerful forces crack.

The average consumer only concerned with clothing styles, fabrics feel, price, workmanship, simply does not know the garment also hidden "invisible killer." The market's "No Requirement" is also indirectly lead the clothing companies and shopping malls ignore the environmental and safety problems. Part of the small businesses use PH value, formaldehyde, biodegradable aromatic amines by the naked eye cannot distinguish the characteristics shoddy, one-sided pursuit of economic efficiency. Experts said that these indicators failed, will cause skin or respiratory disease, severe can cause cancer.

Experts warned that consumers in the purchase of clothing must not only concern about the appearance, but also check whether the specification can be carefully identified. Standardized identification signs shall contain the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product number, type and size, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods, conditions of use and storage precautions, product standard number, product quality levels, security category, product quality inspection certificate and other information. In addition, parents buy clothes for the infants and children should pay more attention to some quality problems, such as structural design is reasonable. Because design unreasonable is the biggest quality problems of children's clothing, children's clothing used on the elastic rope, stretched easy to hit child's face and eyes; Kids cap rope, hem rope, fixed waistband, nepotism, straps and other parts over length limit, the formation of long lasso in children during activities surrounding objects easily hooked accidental injury, or may be reined in child's neck, causing a strangulation hazard to children.

Check if the Kid’s wear Accessories Rally meets the requirements. Children's clothing or girls sandals is often with a variety of buttons, Shoes Accessories, rivets, Garment Accessories, and other small parts, small accessories, if binding force does not meet the requirements, in the course it is easy to fall off. If these decorative pieces sewn fastness requirements are not up to the required tension, children's curiosity because of the small objects, they will tear, chew these small accessories, shedding after swallowing, it may cause the child to choke.