How To Pack For A Wonderful Trip In Minutes

23/12/2013 11:00

Maybe you like an impromptu getaway after busy Friday. Don’t hurry. Let’s learn to pack quickly and efficiently, so you can get out the door and on the plane or in the car faster and calmer. Guy or girl, here’s how to simplify packing and avoid the panic: Follow these five tips and you’ll be able to pack for a wonderful trip in twenty minutes or less.



Know When to Roll ‘Em Some stuff, like tees, workout gears, boxers and socks can be rolled and organized inside packing cubes. Suits and sweaters, however, should be folded and put in a bag to keep them from bunching, wrinkling or getting stretched out of shape.


Invest in a Portable Charger

Fit the unnoticed into your pocket, purse or bag. Kinkoo Infinite One is the lightest, slimmest portable charger, which has awesome power for emergencies – 8000 mAh – 3 times the battery capacity of a typical cell phone! Kinkoo embodies the latest in ultra-thin lithium polymer technology, matching with advanced charge control circuits. It recognizes the power needs of your device, and protects against over- and under-charging, temperature, etc. The perfect charger for people who dislike carrying bulky electronics, but nevertheless want access to real emergency power away from home.


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