IKEA will only sell LED lighting products in 2016

08/10/2013 15:52

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting product, it is one kind of lamp which based on LED (light emitting diode) light source. LED lights have been widely used as large advertising light boxes, road lights, stage lighting, etc. Now LED lighting has entered into our home life, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, makes it will fully replace the energy saving lamps in the next few decades.

The world's largest furniture retailer IKEA plans to replace all lighting products with LED lights in 2016, to show support for the LED lighting revolution.

IKEA said, in order to let millions of people live a more sustainable home life and save their electricity bills, the LED lightings they sell will be a lower price on the market. IKEA will start the activity from herself, all the lighting in the shop will be replaced with LED lights, or other more energy-saving lamps and lanterns.

The chief officer of sustainable development of IKEA group, Steve Howard said: "the LED is a lighting revolution. As the numbers on family electricity bills rising rapidly, the global energy consumption increasing continuously, the positive effects that a small LED bulbs brings is unprecedented. It is more energy saving than traditional incandescent lamp, and has brought so many new possibilities for household adornment. Based on a strong faith that all of us should have the ability to live a more sustainable home life, we will ensure the prices of LED bulbs that IKEA selling will be lower than the market’s general prices." LED lighting will be widely used in the fields of LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and so on.

IKEA said that, in theory, a LED bulb’s life can reach 20 years or so, and LED bulbs consume energy 85% less than incandescent bulbs. At present, only the LED bulb that produced by PHILIPS can reach this level of service life, but its $20 to 60 price has made numerous consumers cannot afford to buy.

For now, it is not clear that IKEA will make what kind of price positioning about LED bulbs, but even IKEA sells LED lighting products with the best price to consumers, I'm afraid it will make many consumers can't accept it, either. But it is worth mentioning that as early as 2010, IKEA announced the company plans to full halt to the sale of incandescent bulbs in its North American retail store since 2011, it also laid the groundwork for the LED lighting products to be replaced.