Kinkoo: Portable Charger Capacity Is Not the Higher the Better

17/12/2013 10:57

Smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular, everyone enjoys mobile internet funs, but the battery life is an obstacle to it. Therefore, portable power bank emerged and quickly accepted by people all of ages.

People have the common view that portable charger capacity is the higher the better, actually, it’s not.

The portable charger is not as high as possible, often the higher the capacity, the heavier to carry, the longer to restore itself, and much higher risky for control its internal stability due to poor quality and technics of the battery.

That’s why Kinkoo Infinite One portable charger uses the best A+ Quality Lithium Polymer battery inside and  contains real 8000 mAh capacity, but has the faster charging speed, 15 months warranty and over 500 cycles of charging and discharging.


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