Pay attention to buy children's furniture

02/07/2013 09:52

 How to choose the right furniture for children are the problems faced by many parents. Children’s furniture should not only safe and comfortable and accord with room size, but also take into account the child's preferences.

Select furniture, the order has exquisite. It is not the same for us to select the kitchen equipment suppliers, Experts suggest that parents should choose those ergonomically designed furniture for children, the furniture sized should match with the child's height, age and body, and this will let the children feel comfortable when in use, it’s good for their healthy development. Buy children's furniture is very particular about the order; general should first select children's chairs, and then choose the right size according to the chair of the table. Metal Furniture is a good choice. The right seat height, when the child is sitting on top of the seat should be flush with the knees and the feet can touch the ground, the legs 90 degrees. When select the table, the high tables and abdomen should be flush.

According to the report, if you encounter child table can adjust the desktop, you need to pay attention to the degree of its regulation is scientific and reasonable. Because the child often need to pick up items at the top of the table when writing, so if you lie on the move on the table, the child's back development adversely. The inside of the body of the child table tilted back more beneficial development. The official also suggested that children over the age of 3 Select Bedding, we should take into account their growth is faster, the size should leave room dimensions.

Children's room needs to meet the child play, learn and rest. If smaller children's room, you can choose some modular Wooden Furniture manufacturers, such as the above is possible for children to bed rest, below were designed to bookshelves and desk, a children's learning space, while at the children's beds ladder combination storage cabinets into, you can place clothing, this multi-purpose products for the room to save a lot of space.

Children have different needs at every stage of growth, and if they are replaced each time a set of furniture, it is not realistic for most families. Parents must pay attention to the product “growth” when selecting furniture, both for pre-school children who preferred to use, but also suitable for use in school and continue to use. For example: You can add the bed elevated leg of the crib, when the children over 3 years old, they can be turned into a high bed cot can also be equipped with the slides for their home games, the kids grow up to six or seven time, but also in bed with a desk.