Philips cooperates with the Dubai government and provides LED lighting

15/10/2013 11:22

As an enterprise with a history of more than 120 years, Philips has incomparable professional knowledge and rich application experience in lighting. For hotel lighting market, the overall hotel lighting solutions provided by Philips, through a full range of light sources, professional and decorative lamps and the perfect match of control system, can easily meet the internal and external lighting application requirements of six major functional areas: lobby, public spaces, guest room, restaurant, fitness area and the hotel façade, etc. Make each area performs its own functions. Internal lighting can soften the space’s contour line, let a space become more comfortable; while external lighting can express material sense of texture and the constitution of the facade, thus highlights the hotel's architectural style, and then create a unique business card for hotel.

In addition, Philips is the only led light supplier who integrates the advantages of whole industry chain. Philips can offer end-to-end service for hotel owners, include leading control system, innovative technologies and products, customized design, advanced energy saving scheme (EMC), and all-round customer service. Provide professional security to meet the customer’s requirements from quality, performance, return on investment, and competitive. Philips strives to become a ideal lighting partner for customers to build the brand image.

Philips has struck a deal with Dubai and Dubai Construction Company, Philips will supply LED lighting for Dubai’s 262 buildings. Such as LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lighting. Dubai city director-general HussainNasserLootah has signed a memorandum with the CEO of Philips lighting Eric Rondolat, in order to transform all the buildings from traditional lighting to intelligent LED lighting in three years. Every year, the project will reduce the city’s 62 million tons of carbon emissions. It helps to reduce more than 50% of lighting energy consumption a year, about 10.5 GWh each year.

Dubai’s city director-general Lootah said: "Dubai government promise to reduce 20% of the energy consumption in the next three years through the adoption of innovative solutions. So we choose the LED lighting, it can be more energy efficient, and help us to protect the environment for our future generations to benefit. We are glad to cooperate with Philips, they not only share our vision, but also provide a solution, in order to meet the city’s growing demand."

The CEO of Philips lighting Rondolat said: "Philips is very proud to cooperate with Dubai city government, we will work together to shape a healthier, more sustainable future city."