Plant lighting become the developing trends

29/07/2013 15:39

 With the ever-expanding field of LED lighting, LED lighting in the area of plant has occupied a place. Although the application of the scale in conjunction with ordinary commercial lighting or home lighting in the same breath, but the LED plant lighting as a special application area, because of their superiority has been gradually recognized by the market, the market demand is also growing. LED including LED Panel Light, LED down Light, LED PAR Light, LED Bay Light, LED Tunnel Light etc.

From 2010, Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation use a large container transformed into a "plant factory", and the LED light source for crop photosynthesis. So far, LED lighting applications in plants gradually began. In fact, many overseas companies have started to layout plants LED lighting market, so the competition is carried out quietly. Following the establishment of plants Philips LED lighting factory, other enterprises also have some action in this area.

In contrast, LED lighting in the area of plant indeed very advantageous, because it is a low heat characteristics of cold light, small size, compact structure, and Plants can brachytherapy and improve space utilization, but also improve plant resistance to pests and diseases. Lighting plants including plant growth lights and aquarium lights, with the production technology matures, LED gradually applied to the agricultural production, fruit and vegetable cultivation, floriculture and other crop fields. Although this field is a new opportunity to LED lighting, but in China is still in its infancy.

According to Engineering LED Industry Institute (GLII) statistics, in 2011 China LED plant lighting output of about 300 million RMB, of which more than 90% of exports, as in June 2012, China has a certain scale LED plant lighting business about 40, most of them concentrated in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This scale relative to the entire LED industry is simply insignificant. In fact, LED plant lighting in the domestic market promote difficulties, a very important reason is the overall price of your LED.

According to reporters in the market survey found that compared to normal LED lamps, plant lighting price is relatively expensive. An 18W ordinary LED lamp sold if the price is 80RMB, then the same size plant lighting the lamp to sell at least 240 RMB or more. In addition, technical problems also contributed to the development of LED Grow Lights in our slower important factor.

Because China's large population base and wide acreage, if the LED can fully penetrate into the plant lighting field, this will be a very large consumer market. If achieve the field of LED lighting applications in the plant, its energy-saving effect will be enormous.