The skill to select LED lighting driver chip

23/08/2013 10:10

 LED lighting lamps have obtained a rapid development in recent years, the LED as green and clean light source has been widely recognized. With the functions of long service life, energy and electricity saving and low using cost, LED lighting lamps have been widely used in the family and industry. We can find LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lights everywhere, and these LED lighting lamps are making the dark night brighter. Nowadays, many factories have used LED industrial lighting to saving energy and lower the cost to meet more profit. LED lighting lamp is making our life colorful and it is playing a more and more important role in the world.

The technology of LED light source is getting mature, the luminous lumens per watt grows rapidly so that the price of LED lighting is decreased every years. The huge market and stable growing demands of green LED lamps make it possible to be a super tsunami in electronics market. With the great functions of high energy saving, long life and environmental protection, LED lamps have been acknowledged widely. In the field of LED lighting, it’s crucial to choose the right LED driver IC to achieve the effect of energy saving and long life. The advantages of LED lighting cannot be reflected without a match driver IC.

The driver chip nominal input voltage of LED lamps should be in the range of dc 8v to 40v to meet the needs of widely use. The capacity to withstand voltage should be more than 45V. When the input is ac 12v or 24v, simple bridge rectifier output voltage will fluctuate with the grid voltage. The output dc voltage will be on the high side if the grid voltage is high. If the driver IC do not in the range of wide input voltage, it will be easy to breakdown when the grid voltage rising and then burn the LED light source.

The output current of driver chip must remain constant, then LED can keep lighting up all the time without flicking. The same driver chip used in the same condition should be kept the output current size as consistent as possible, so that can ensure the lamps effective and orderly when it begins to be produced in automatic production lines. For the driver chip that have a certain extent discrete in output current should be chosen before the product get into manufacture. To adjust the current resistance on PCB board, and makes the constant current driver of LED lamps to keep the same brightness for those from same LED light sources. In a word, the green LED lighting is urging the LED driver chip into innovational design. The LED lighting lamps depend on driver chip and need a large number of LED light source driver IC.