The use of LED illuminant in movie industry and stage lighting

27/08/2013 17:26

 With the advantages of energy-saving, long service life and colorful lights, it is possible for LED to replace traditional lighting used in stage lighting to a certain extent in the future. After holding the opening ceremony of the international event, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian games and Shenzhen University Games, the effect of LED stage lighting had been practiced again and again. With the use of LED lighting, the 2012 Spring Festival gala created a large performing light show. And the unique charming of LED lighting had showed to the public completely.

According to the relevant practitioners, LED illuminant is better than traditional illuminant in color respect. At present, while using LED lighting in stage, people like to combine the LED tube with primary color of red, green and blue to mix to form white light illumination model. Comparing LED lighting with traditional lighting, the luminous efficiency of LED tube is twice higher than incandescent lamp. With the characteristics of small size and low temperature, Light-emitting diodes use the more efficient light path design to create higher lamp flux utilization. So that the same luminous flux, incandescent lamp is several times greater than the power of LED lighting. So, the small power LED lighting can meet the requirements of stage light intensity.

Somebody ever said that the optical design inside LED is called first design, spotlight cup design is the second design, the combination of spotlight cup design is the third. The common LED lighting uses a dedicated spotlight cup and the LED light-emitting diodes installed in all over transparent spotlight cup. A light more than one hundred watts of the LED lamps is equal to the brightness of several hundred watts of tungsten filament incandescent lamps. A lot of LED lighting can produce bright light to meet the need of stage and saving energy.

The luminous efficiency of LED lighting is higher than incandescent bulbs, and colored efficiency is much higher. Therefore, the lighting designers find that LED lighting for stage to use to produce the required colored light can give full play to the strengths of LED. With the constant development of LED industry and breakthrough technology, the luminous efficiency of LED lighting is improving continually and the prices are lower. We can see more and more beautiful lighting effect with LED display screen and LED decorative lights.