Why men love the Infinite One?

06/12/2013 11:23

Men love embracing the Outdoor

Outdoors often holds a special allure for men. They would like to disappear for a time and embracing the outdoor even just with full “Candy Crush Saga” functionality. The Infinite One can easily make a thoroughly enjoy in overnight camping trip or vacations.


One for All

Men love useful but not complicated things, like to achieve a goal directly without any hesitation. Men love iPhone, but not include the situation of low power. Men have to find a suitable portable charger for iPhone, in order to avoid that situation happens when they are doing their own business. The Infinite One has a massive 8,000 mAh capacity and intelligent output control system, it is not only an iPhone portable charger, but also is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, Tablets, GoPro Cameras, MP3 Players, Mobile Gaming Devices, Bluetooth Devices, and other USB charged devices.


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