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23/12/2013 11:00

How To Pack For A Wonderful Trip In Minutes

Maybe you like an impromptu getaway after busy Friday. Don’t hurry. Let’s learn to pack quickly and efficiently, so you can get out the door and on the plane or in the car faster and calmer. Guy or girl, here’s how to simplify packing and avoid the panic: Follow these five tips and you’ll be able...


19/12/2013 10:50

There are No Better Gifts than Technology to Touch a Man’s Heart

It’s that time of year again! With the holidays, just around the corner, now it’s a great time to start thinking of gift ideas for the dad, boyfriend, husband, son or other males in your life. You will found that shopping gifts for men is not an easy task. Here recommend some Cool Materials for...


17/12/2013 10:57

Kinkoo: Portable Charger Capacity Is Not the Higher the Better

Smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular, everyone enjoys mobile internet funs, but the battery life is an obstacle to it. Therefore, portable power bank emerged and quickly accepted by people all of ages. People have the common view that portable charger capacity is the...


09/12/2013 10:41

Why Women Love the Infinite One?

Fashion & Elegant No matter what kind of the occasion, women want to keep everything perfect all the time, clothes, skirt, hairstyle, purse, mobile phone & battery charger—The Infinite One. Everything expresses Fashion&Elegant in every detail. Sharing Makes Me Happy Women enjoy sharing...


06/12/2013 11:23

Why men love the Infinite One?

Men love embracing the Outdoor Outdoors often holds a special allure for men. They would like to disappear for a time and embracing the outdoor even just with full “Candy Crush Saga” functionality. The Infinite One can easily make a thoroughly enjoy in overnight camping trip or...


04/12/2013 10:20

World Release of KINKOO in the 114th Canton Fair

KINKOO enters world advertising market with its first premium portable charger. KINKOO is a portable charger for iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablets and other USB devices. The Infinite One is the new generation portable accessory which keeps moving with your always-on smart devices. At the...


02/12/2013 11:12

Portable Charger for iPhone—charge for a better business life

I am a busy businessman and travel lover, the useful portable charger is important for me to keep my phone powered. Powered phone can prevent me from missing important business call and keep a good mood to relax myself by listening to the music. In other words, portable charger not only charges for...


22/11/2013 13:40

Japanese media: in this winter, the sales of air purifiers will exceed last year

Japan’s PM2.5 pollutants will increase dramatically in this winter, which will lead to hot sales of air purifier in Japan, the air purifier price will also continue to rise. On November 4, the high concentrations PM2.5 observatory which is located in Chiba prefecture, Japan, issued warning...


20/11/2013 14:21

Dyson invented new bladeless fan heater

Dyson Corporation has developed a bladeless fan heater, which is one of the most remarkable inventions of Dyson. This kind of heater is called "Dyson Hot", it can quickly heating the entire room without any visible active components. Dyson Corporation is one of the best fan heater manufacturers in...


19/11/2013 13:52

How to select suitable air purifier?

Air purifier is just like a security guards who protects our family’s health, so we should consider the specific situation while selecting air purifier, for the sake of your family's health and create a clean indoor atmosphere. You need to consider about these three aspects, remember to be careful....